4 + 14


The first half of July contains two national holidays of great historical importance: Independence Day in the USA and Bastille Day in France. Unfortunately, neither country is very free any longer, and I have to agree with Roderick Long:

The nation whose birth is commemorated on July 4th no longer exists. We cannot celebrate it, we can only mourn it.

Once upon a time Washington crossed the Delaware (and much more) for freedom:

Once upon a time Liberty led the people to freedom:

Nowadays the American Union invades other nations and disarms the local inhabitants, imprisons its own people for "victimless crimes", erects a multitude of regulatory offices, sends swarms of officers to harrass the people and eat out their substance, maintains enormous standing armies in time of peace, arbitrarily suspends the rights of the people, and levies fees and taxes that would have made King George III blush with envy.

Welcome to the empire.

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