A Letter to the Editor


One of the letters in this week's issue of The Economist comes from yours truly, sent in response to this article on class warfare in America. Here's the text:

Politicians on the left in America like to trumpet the income spread between the average worker and the average chief executive as proof positive of class war in America. I wonder if these politicians would like to divulge their personal wealth (not excluding the perks of office) so that we can measure the inequality that exists between the average worker and the average senator or congressman. The great American class war is that between the political class and the productive class.

FWIW, I'm batting a thousand on letters to the editor: not one has ever been refused publication. I've never lost at Scrabble, either. Hmm, if I could lengthen my letters into op-ed pieces and transform my linguistic interests into a regular column on language, perhaps I could become a younger William Safire. ;-)

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