Twenty Days


Wow, it's been twenty days since I last blogged. There are three main reasons for that state of affairs: I've been working hard on the XMPP Internet-Drafts, I've been watching a lot of baseball games, and I've been spending time conversing with people one-on-one rather than writing for public consumption. However, at least two of these factors have been removed from my life: earlier today I submitted draft-ietf-xmpp-core-19 and draft-ietf-xmpp-im-18 after weeks of addressing and incorporating Last Call comments, and the World Series is over (yes, the best team won). I'm not sure the third factor will change much, since I've been enjoying the conversations I've been having with people of late. My preferred conversational style is talking with one person at a time; I find that the results are more productive of light than the heat of argument one usually finds in larger groups. But then again, I am a radical individualist. :-)

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