OK, so I visited John Kerry's website. Wow, a true Massachusetts liberal! A faithful standard-bearer for the American Socialist Party! Class warfare his major (perhaps only) theme!

By golly, we just have to roll back those tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, now don't we? Never mind that the IRS itself provides the following facts about who pays income taxes in the United States (a summary is here):

That's right: every tax cut is a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, because they pay almost all the taxes in the first place (in fact, the 80/20 rule pretty much holds: about 20% of the people pay about 80% of the income taxes).

Naturally, it's easy for Kerry to talk: he conveniently married the heiress to the Heinz fortune and therefore is worth at least $500,000,000 (yes, that's 5 followed by 8 zeroes -- five hundred million dollars). If Kerry and his ilk would just pony up some of their money, I'm sure we could get this deficit problem solved in no time.

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