The Randian Imperative


Last night, Diana Hsieh spoke at a local Objectivist group regarding her statement of disassociation from The Objectivist Center (formerly the Institute for Objectivist Studies). Since I'm persona non grata at gatherings of this local group (that's another story) and since I prefer to spend my Saturday nights doing some good cooking and a little blogging rather than arguing about Ayn Rand, I didn't attend Diana's talk. But naturally I do have opinions in the matter. In fact, as one of my email correspondents pointed out, I've been expressing those opinions for quite a while now. Here are some relevant weblog and journal entries:

  1. TOC (2002-12-14)
  2. Why I Am Not an Objectivist (2001-08-26)
  3. Ladders (2001-06-22)
  4. Changing the World (2001-03-24)
  5. The Future of Objectivism (1999-07-19)
  6. Anti-Movement (1999-07-15)
  7. Anti-Group (1999-01-19)
  8. Intellectual Organizations (1998-11-06)
  9. Individualism is Hard (1998-09-01)
  10. On Independence (1996-02-03)
  11. Why I'm Not a Randian (1995-11-28)

So I guess I declared my intellectual independence as long ago as 1995.

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