I was in New York City yesterday for a last-minute business meeting. It was hardly enough time to get back into that New York state of mind, but I did soak up the busy streets, hang out in Grand Central Terminal for a bit during rush hour, take the subway uptown to my favorite Greek restaurant, etc. I even stole an hour to visit the Frick, where I predictably enjoyed the three (!) Vermeers as well as van Dyke's portrait of Frans Snyder (one of my long-time favorites). I also found myself enjoying the Whistlers quite a bit, such as his Symphony in Grey and Green: The Ocean and several of his portraits. But the two pieces I found most mesmerizing were two small cloud studies by John Constable, located in the Garden Court but not even listed in the supposedly comprehensive listing of paintings at the museum.

All in all, a too-brief visit.

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