How did we get halfway through April already? One of the three regular readers of this weblog recently pinged me via email wondering if I'd fallen off the face of the earth. Well, I guess I have. I have previously confessed that I'm a workaholic, but the last month or so has been especially busy for me. With bandwidth so limited, blogging seems to have been the first thing to go. I have been doing a bit of philosophical writing (outside of all the protocol specs I'm working on, some of which border on philosophy ;-), but mostly when I knock off working at 10:00 at night I just want to play guitar or do a bit of reading. So my apologies, but I'm simply not sure when I'll return to full strength here.

Oh, and here's a thought for Tax Day (not to be confused with Tax Freedom Day): remove the space from "THE IRS" and you get "THEIRS" -- as in, all your money are belong to us.

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