Last night I went to my local Apple Store and bought a 15" PowerBook. Excuse the mess while I convert from Linux to Mac and get this new machine set up.

My first two computers (purchased in '86 and '92 or thereabouts) were Macs -- the first one with no hard drive (an external 20 Meg hard drive cost me $750 and weighed more than my new PowerBook). My third machine ('96) ran Windows so that I could dial in from home while working for LDS. In '99 I switched to Linux, first on that old P100 and more recently on a machine put together by a friend of mine. After 5+ years on Linux, I'm back on the Mac (which nowadays is really just Unix with a nice GUI -- I'm still using vi to edit my weblog entries, so don't worry that I've gone off the deep end). My big challenge now is to find a Jabber client that I can live with. So far I've tried Nitro (which didn't like my huge roster) and Gush (pretty sweet, but took up quite a bit of screen real estate and froze up on me, perhaps also a roster-related issue). I'd try Psi but I really do loathe that ICQ-ish interface, even if it is quite standards-compliant. Eventually iChat may be the client I settle on, once it releases full Jabber functionality. I wonder if they'd take me on as a beta tester. ;-)

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