Desert Island Redux


Because of a special deal that Apple is running right now, my new PowerBook came with an iPod (that's a really sweet, portable music player for you non-techno-geeks). The thing has "only" 20 gigs of storage (compared to the 20 megabyte capacity of my first hard drive, at about one-twentieth of the size -- progress in storage capacity is even more amazing to me than progress in processor speed). So I figure this thing will hold about 100 CDs' worth of music. Back in January I tried but failed to come up with a list of only 10 "desert island discs", but the prospect of whittling my CD collection down to only 100 CDs is less daunting -- in fact, it's forcing me to recognize which music I like best and which is nonessential in my life. Perhaps I'll post again with my top 100 (I wonder if iTunes has an export function?).

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