A Meeting With The Editor


I just chatted face to face with Sandy, Mieke, and Alison from the RFC Editor and with Michelle from the IANA (hope I spelled everyone's names correctly!). I'm not sure whose bright idea it was to bring the people behind the RFC Editor and IANA functions to IETF 60, but a bright idea it was! It really helps to associate some friendly faces with both the RFC Editor and the IANA, rather than seeing them as faceless functionaries. Plus I gained some insights into how the RFC Editors work, and how I can make their lives easier (e.g., what information they need from me before the XMPP Internet-Drafts go to "Author's 48 Hours"). While I was a bit shocked to hear that this was the first time the RFC Editor and the IANA have attended an IETF meeting "IRL" (perhaps they wanted to shield these gentle editors from the terrifying reality of so many geeks), I certainly hope that this is the start of a tradition, and will be communicating that to the appropriate authorities!

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