Certainly Scary


Anyone concerned about the direction of the United States of America needs to read this article on the decision-making processes of the Bush presidency (hint: it's always a bad sign when those in charge disparagingly describe the opposition as uncooperative members of "the reality-based community", i.e., those who deal with facts). It will be interesting to see if Bruce Bartlett's prediction comes true: that, if Bush wins, a "civil war" will erupt within the Republican Party, presumably between fact-based free marketeers and faith-based theocrats. It's unfortunate that the alternative to Bush is an industrial-age, class-warrior scion of the loony left. If only Americans did not live under a stifling political duopoly, there might be a chance for some kind of moderately libertarian party to appeal to the broad middle of those who are neither creeping fascists nor creeping socialists. Given relentless gerrymandering and the many privileges of power, don't hold your breath.

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