WoTs Going On


Hardly anyone uses security technologies. Part of the problem is a lack of critical mass. And part of that problem is that the webs of trust are small. So I've decided to do something about that by becoming a "Web of Trust Notary" for Thawte personal e-mail certificates and an "Assurer" for the CAcert.org web of trust. A few folks over at PingID are also psyched about getting involved. This seems like a cool, grassroots effort that really doesn't take much time and helps make the Internet more secure. Once I have notary/assurer status (it may take me a few weeks given the paucity of existing Thawte notaries, and especially CAcert assurers, in Colorado), I'm going to work to get more folks signed up locally. Blogger meetups and other such IRL gatherings seem like a great time to get people notarized/assured en masse. Let's get busy!

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