I've just posted the first draft of a new essay entitled Toward a Practical Objectivist Politics.

My personal goal for December is to finish all but one of my essays on Ayn Rand and Objectivism. The exception is my essay on Rand and Aristotle, which I won't write until I finish re-reading all of Aristotle's writings, and that will take me a while (Aristotle wrote a lot!). This essay on practical Objectivist politics was on my list of essays to write. The other three I plan to finish this month are:

I simply must finish the first one, since I've promised it to Ed Younkins for a book he's shopping around to publishers (in fact, I was supposed to have it done a month ago). The essay on the revolt of the engineers is mostly written, but I need to work in results of some more research I've done of late. And the paper on Kurt Gödel and his interpreter Hao Wang is something I've had lying around for many years but have never finished up, so I think the end-of-year deadline will motivate me to complete it. Then I'll need only to finish the Aristotle essay and I'll be ready to let go of the ladder.

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