Don Boudreaux observes:

When creationist thinking today is applied to the astrophysical, geophysical, and biological parts of the world, almost all members of the "reality-based community" (as modern American leftists are now fond of calling themselves) reject it as simplistic, baseless, and thoroughly at odds with scientific thought. "Only red-state yokels blinded by religion believe in creationism and reject natural selection".

But the bluest blue-state left-"liberal" atheist oughtn't be too quick with the self-congratulatory praise of his or her own rational faculties. Most left-liberals are pure creationists when it comes to society and social order. For them, government is the creator of order -- of high wages, of safe working conditions, of safe food and drink, of fair prices, of good education, of trustworthy physicians, accountants, and butchers, of peace, commerce, culture, and civility itself.

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