A Helping Hand


Everyone wants to help those affected by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean (I heard that the Red Cross in Denver received over $2 million in donations), but personally I want to make sure that every penny I give helps those in need and not some organizational bureaucrat. Thanks to a link at Claire Wolfe's blog, I've discovered a group called Direct Relief International, which is a non-profit wholesale pharmacy that buys pharmaceuticals and medical equipment from the appropriate manufacturers (or gets them to donate such materials), then sends those materials to those in need all around the world. According to Charity Navigator, Direct Relief International devotes a whopping 99% of its income to program expenses and spends a miniscule 0.8% on fundraising and administration, making it one of the most efficient charities on the planet. Plus it is quite firm and explicit about its principles and activities with regard to the tsunami relief efforts. A worthy cause.

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