New West, Young Man!


At the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash on Saturday night, I talked a bit with Rick Martin, Boulder correspondent for New West, a stylish new online venue for discussion among folks in the Rocky Mountain region (I'll probably get around to contributing one of these days). One thing that disappointed me in perusing the New West site is that they have no representation from our friends north of the border. One of my dictionaries defines the Rocky Mountains as "a mountain system in western North America, extending from New Mexico to Alaska" (more here). Yet New West seems to be focused on the U.S. states of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Nothing about Alberta and British Columbia? No links to the Calgary Herald and Sun or the Edmonton Journal and Sun? Wolves and moose and bears aplenty go back and forth across the border at will. The Rocky Mountains extend far above the 49th parallel. Folks in Calgary or Kelowna probably have a lot more in common with those foreigners in Denver or Boise or Missoula than they do with their compatriots in Halifax or Quebec City (it's that whole frontier experience thing, right?). So it seems a bit arbitrary for New West's coverage to end at the U.S.-Canadian border. Let's think outside the box, people!

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