Email Delenda Est?


A few months back I made a concerted effort to wean myself off email. Unfortunately, I have admitted defeat. I don't think this beast can be killed -- or, at least, someone in my position can't avoid the necessity of email (after all, I'm no Donald Knuth). These days I get more email than ever, I struggle to keep my inbox at less than 400 messages, I have to delete 100+ spams a day even after SpamAssassin culls out at least 200 more, and I spend more time than I'd like to admit exchanging email messages (mostly with folks in the Jabber community). Call me a grumpy old-timer, but I fondly remember those days in 1992 or whatever when email was a new and fun way to explore the noosphere with like-minded others. Now it's just a chore that every day feels more and more like the punishment of Sisyphus.

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