Finally! I've just launched, a dedicated domain for the dictionary of philosophy I first wrote in 1990. Since placing it on the web in 1996 I've hardly touched it, but over time the site has become the source of some embarrassment to me because the definitions have left a lot to be desired. Over the past six months I've rewritten the entire site, put it into modern XML, written some fun little XSL transformations and generation scripts, explicitly licensed it as in the public domain, and now launched it at rather than as one musty corner of In the past few weeks I've also decided to broaden the scope to include terminology from intellectual disciplines other than philosophy (politics, religion, science, the arts and humanities, etc.), but it will take me some time to realize the vision of a more generalized "field guide" to intellectual matters, so I've decided to launch the site now and update it continuously. Enjoy!

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