As usual, Stowe nails it:

Bloggers are individuals, in general. And as such, what we write on the web is personal, biased, unfiltered, unregulated, and, yes, free. Free as in free speech. Free as in uncensored. Free as in personal, idiosyncratic, and even unpopular.


Bloggers are playing an important role in this new world, where the traditional gatekeepers have less sway. But we aren't the old gatekeepers, and looking at me and /Message like I am the New York Times or ABC News is laughable. There is no organization, no corporate policies, nothing. Just me. Stowe. The person.

I'm not into blogospheric navel-gazing, meta-blogging, or whatever you want to call it. But, dammit, blogging matters because it releases the free voice of the individual. It goes all the way back to the first flowing of individualism among the ancient Greeks, as I talked about in my podcast last night. No disclaimers, no restrictions, no permits, no licenses, no regulations, no censorship, no burkas for the thinking mind. Just the freedom to voice my own thoughts and take responsibility for the consequences.

Repeat after me: I am an individual!

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