What I Do


Recently I realized that I don't post much about what I do day to day, since I assume that most folks who read this blog subscribe to the Standards list and therefore see all the specifications I work on. But that assumption is most likely false, so I will work to post more often about the items in my dotplan.

First, I'll try to describe in general terms what I do all day long.

In essence, I have overall responsibility for ensuring that Jabber/XMPP technologies (i.e., the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, its extensions and various implementations) are, and are perceived as, the open alternative and critical Internet standards for presence, messaging, and real-time communication. To that end, I do the following:

It helps that I possess:

Yes, you can consider the foregoing a job description of sorts. Not that I always live up to the hype (cardinal rule: never listen to your own PR). :-)

Now, back to work...

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