The Registrar


Among the functions of the Jabber Software Foundation is the Jabber Registrar, which (as authorized by JEP-0053) maintains registries of parameters used in the context of various Jabber/XMPP protocols. You can think of it this way:

Jabber Registrar : JEP :: IANA : RFC

For example, this morning, upon approval of JEP-0182 by the Jabber Council, I created new registry for application-specific error conditions (which is awfully sparse right now because I have yet to add the conditions specified in various JEPs). All of the registries are available in both human-readable HTML and machine-readable XML (I'm not sure if any Jabber-based software programs use the XML, but personally I think it's a cool little feature ;-). And yes, the responsibilities of the Jabber Registrar function are fulfilled by the JEP Editor, c'est moi.

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