by Peter Saint-Andre

People tell me, why don't you have a job?
My friends ask me, hey now where's your steady job?
I tell 'em I'm scraping by I'm doing fine
And what's it matter if I don't have a job?

Well, I ran into Julio down on the street he said
Whatever happened to that girl you used to know?
Well, I ran into Julio he said where's that girl you used to know?
I said how could I love her right when the passion it was low?

Ain't got no house, ain't got no car, ain't got no stereo,
Don't want no drugs to smoke to pick me up when I am low,
Ain't got no girl to make want to sing and make me shout,
But right now I don't care because I know what life's about
'Cause I got passion, I got passion.

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