You Are Woman

by Peter Saint-Andre

You know it was so long that I was lonely,
Wondering if I'd ever find
A love that could match my passion inside
But that all seems so far away now,
Now that I've seen deep in your eyes
A spirit with life to match mine

I've finally found the woman I needed all along
All along the long, lonely years
I look out and see that all I believe is fully real
Because to me, you are woman

You know it feels so right that I should trust you
With all of my mind and all of my soul
And all of this passion for life that you know
Can it be somehow I've known you forever?
Two of a kind one soul and mind
I know you're my kindred spirit

There's the love that you show when you give your heart away
And then there's the love that you cherish inside
But I never felt that outside and in my love was one
Until I found you, my woman

You awaken all that lies within me
All I can do, all that I see,
All that I am and know I can be
I've never felt this kind of inspiration
Filling me up giving me life
Feeding the fire within my soul

Was longing to find a woman in kind but not the same
A soul to complete me in every way
To make my life whole there's only one thing that's left to do
And that's to make you my woman

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