The Argonaut

by Peter Saint-Andre

Much like an Argonaut of old
    I have a distant goal:
I seek ideals of lasting gold
    Within the realm of soul.

With joyous mind and seasoned hand,
    I'm drawn away to find
A stronger and more sovereign land
    That leaves all faith behind.

This strength of will, this self-command —
    A sign of greater love —
Will free me from outside demand,
    From kings and gods above.

The pleasure and the power I feel
    Is self-determination:
A firmer grip upon the wheel
    Of self — not resignation

But braver curiosity.
    I dare to truly know.
I seek out possibility,
    Exploring as I go.

Averse to dogma and belief,
    I sail to where I steer;
For even if I come to grief,
    I'll flourish without fear.

(cf. The Joyful Learning, §345, §347, §375, §382)

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