The Tao of Roark

by Peter Saint-Andre

Millions of people have been inspired by The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand's story of architect Howard Roark and his epic struggle for creative freedom.

Tao of RoarkYet inspiration is not enough: you need a blueprint for turning that vision into a flourishing life of joy and reason and meaning.

The Tao of Roark provides that blueprint. It builds the foundation for greater freedom, dignity, depth, and beauty in life. It reveals the hidden connections between serenity and enthusiasm, passion and wisdom, independence and security, idealism and maturity, practicality and commitment. It shows the true harmony of self and other, inner and outer, the personal and the social. It lights the path to clearer thinking, healthier choices, greater achievement, and deeper emotions. It honors above all the sacred fire of individuality. It helps you find and keep the name of your soul.

If you love The Fountainhead, you will treasure The Tao of Roark.

The book will always be available for free on this website. Kindle and print versions can be purchased at Amazon. I've also provided some suggestions for further exploration. Feel free to contact me if you have comments or would like to start a conversation.

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