The Tao of Roark

by Peter Saint-Andre

Chapter 24: Inner and Outer

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The first great integration I can achieve is an inner harmony of thought, choice, action, and feeling. The second great integration I can achieve is a harmony between my inner life and my outer life.

My inner life and my outer life are two aspects of the same achievement. To consistently track the truth implies that I am equally honest with myself and with you, that I equally seek knowledge of reality, of other people, and of myself. To consistently honor self-direction means that I choose my own direction in life and also that I respect the direction you have chosen for yourself. To consistently create value implies that I create value in the world through my work, that I create value in my relationships with other people, and that I create value within myself by improving my habits and my character. To consistently experience meaning implies that I am passionate about my own life and compassionate about the lives of others.

If I am to recognize and respect the powers of thought, choice, action, and feeling in myself, I must recognize and respect them in you. Those I interact with, those I work with, those I befriend, those I love, all are thinking, choosing, acting, feeling beings. I must respect their intelligence, autonomy, experiences, activities, emotions, perceptions, insights, choices, and freedom. And further: I have a great opportunity to learn from the people in my life through mutual work, trade, inquiry, friendship, and love.

The same principles apply whether I am facing inward or facing outward or walking side by side with you. To live with integrity is to be of one piece, to be faithful in all I do to my best self and to the name of my soul.

This great integration is the harmony of the inner and the outer.

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