The Tao of Roark

by Peter Saint-Andre

Chapter 25: Self and Other

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Understanding others is knowledge, but understanding myself is enlightenment; mastering others is power, but mastering myself is strength. Therefore in knowledge there is power, but in enlightenment there is strength.

Being selective about others is preference, but being selective about myself is simplicity; experiencing others is pleasure, but experiencing myself is depth. Therefore in preference there is pleasure, but in simplicity there is depth.

Knowledge, power, preference, and pleasure are signs of desire; enlightenment, strength, simplicity, and depth are signs of purpose.

When I focus primarily on controlling others or seeking their approval, I live second-hand and thus I am on the path to desire, dissolution, and dependence. When I focus primarily on improving myself, I live first-hand and thus I am on the path to purpose, integrity, and autonomy.

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