The Tao of Roark

by Peter Saint-Andre

Chapter 7: Thought

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The power of thought is my ability to use my mind to understand reality.

Thought involves awareness, perception, focus, clarity, objectivity, independence, honesty, integrity, a firm foundation in the facts of reality, a fine-tuned receptivity to the way things are, the passionate pursuit of passionless truth — yet also empathy, understanding, patience, and the ability to grasp the personal context of those I interact with.

Thought is not only logical, intellectual, or mathematical — it can be musical, literary, visual, spatial, mechanical, organizational, social, interpersonal. Its raw materials are curiosity, imagination, creativity, looking ahead as well as looking back, and faithfully attending to what is present before me. It results not just in knowledge but in wisdom, perspective, insight, and enlightenment.

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