The Tao of Roark

by Peter Saint-Andre

Chapter 8: Choice

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The power of choice is my ability to direct my energy and attention toward what I find interesting and important in life.

Choice means taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions and feelings, directing the course of my life, having and pursuing my own purposes, relying on my own perception of the truth, bowing to no one's will but mine except through my own free assent, honoring the absolute sovereignty of those around me, and pursuing only voluntary interactions in my life and in society.

Choice implies self-respect in the deepest sense: honoring what I hold to be important, having strength of will and the courage of my convictions, giving my attention to what interests me, devoting my life energy to that which matters most, trusting in my evaluations, spending my precious time on tasks that are consistent with my values, doing what brings me happiness, concentrating on ways to create significant value in the world, focusing on what is under my control and ignoring what is not under my control, seeking to master myself but not anyone else, and never letting go of my vision of what is possible to me.

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