I'm Peter Saint-Andre, a.k.a. stpeter.

I'm a technologist, working on the Talky video chat service with the amazing team at &yet. I've defined numerous industry standards at the IETF and the XSF, and I also run jabber.org and xmpp.net.

I'm a writer on philosophical topics, having authored The Tao of Roark, an Epicurean dialogue on happiness, a dictionary of philosophy, and a collection of philosophical poems. Short books on Thoreau, Nietzsche, Aristotle, and Lao Tzu are on the way.

I'm a musician, having composed a folk-rock song cycle, three suites and a theme-and-variations for classical guitar, a musical setting of the Langston Hughes poem Freedom's Plow, and arrangements of music by Yes for solo electric bass.

I'm an advocate for free culture, having published numerous public domain texts at The Monadnock Valley Press and having written several essays on the folly of copyright.

I'm a vibrant loner, a poetic geek, a practical philosopher, a spiritual non-believer, a progressive libertarian, and above all an individual.

For the latest updates, peruse my online journal, follow my Twitter feed, or check out my GitHub repositories. And feel free to contact me if you'd like to have a conversation.