Peter Saint-Andre: Writings

My main project as a writer is a suite of books on how to live a good life, composed as reflections on six philosophers who value reason, individuality, and freedom. To increase the challenge of writing for me and the ease and variety of reading for you, each book is less than 60 pages long and is presented in a different literary form:

  1. The Tao of Roark (2012) — a personal manifesto on Ayn Rand
  2. Songs of Zarathustra (half done) — a cycle of poems on Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. A Worthy Life (outlined) — an epitome on Aristotle's ethics
  4. The Upland Farm (2017) — a journal on Henry David Thoreau
  5. Letters on Happiness (2013) — a dialogue on Epicurus
  6. Stories of the Way — a set of parables on Taoism

I have also written a short dictionary of philosophy (The Ism Book, 1996), a book of poems and translations (Ancient Fire, 2000), numerous essays (most collected into Randian Reflections, 2009), and a fresh translation of the ethical writings of Epicurus.

I have made all of these works available in the public domain, and have also published them in paperback and ebook formats via the Monadnock Valley Press.

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