Songs of Zarathustra

Poetic Perspectives on Nietzsche's Ethics

by Peter Saint-Andre

This book will be a cycle of poems on Nietzsche's ethical philosophy, presenting my perspective that underneath all the angst and bluster he provided an inherently classical and positive approach to living.

Here are drafts of a few of the poems...

Poets' Paradox

Hearken how he says, in verse,
That the poets always lie - or worse,
To their everlasting shame,
That they ever vie for petty fame.

Their unbounded vanity
Leads them far from piety;
They live not the holy writ
Whose deed is but to utter it.

Amor Fati

Whatever might unfold for me
Is not spun out by scheming Fates;
Instead it's simple destiny,
A line of life that time creates.

It's natural that I love this line,
Despite its pains and hurried pace;
Because the steps I make are mine,
I take pride in their style and grace.

Eternal Recurrence

What if
I've lived this hour, this day, this life
And I must live them yet again, not once,
But more
And more,
Until every experience repeats,
Recurs, and doubles back a million times
Or more.

A curse!
And yet if it must be, what if
I bless
This fact as much as if it were my choice,
Not less?
The less I treat necessity as fate,
The more
I love the life I live, and live the life
I bless.


Eternal recurrence of the same
Sounds like a circle I can't escape,
The endless march of a lowly ant
On a moebius strip of grinding fate.

And yet the notion spurs me on
To fly and soar while I have the chance,
To make my life a thing of gold
That shines out over time and space.

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