Songs of Zarathustra

Poetic Perspectives on Nietzsche's Ethics

by Peter Saint-Andre

As of spring 2017, I have started working more earnestly on this cycle of poems about Nietzsche's ethical philosophy, presenting my perspective that he provided an inherently classical and positive approach to living.

Here is a very rough outline, with drafts of a few poems...

  1. Poets' Paradox
  2. Vivo, Ergo Cogito
  3. Nietzsche as Educator
  4. The Free Spirit
  5. The Long Conversation
  6. Four Pairs
  7. The Wanderer and His Shadow
  8. Over Far Seas
  9. Amor Fati
  10. Eternal Recurrence
  11. Spiral
  12. My Work
  13. Become What You Are
  14. Saying Yes
  15. Aubade
  16. The Great Noon
  17. Evening Song
  18. Midnight
  19. The Dawn
  20. Well Constituted
  21. The Noble Soul
  22. The Hammer and the Bell
  23. Unanointed
  24. What Is Near
  25. A Chosen Place
  26. Behold

I'm also keeping notes toward additional poems.

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