Things Are Getting Done


Late this afternoon as I finished up a few remaining tasks, for the first time in quite a while I had the feeling that I've been making good progress in my work. About two weeks ago I started getting serious about personal productivity by adopting David Allen's system for getting things done. After a few days of taking stock of all my projects and activities, evaluating tools (I've settled on Things for the Mac), and emptying my inbox, I've been relentlessly focusing on my highest-priority work items. Every morning I get my inbox back down to zero, catch up on offline IMs, and then take a good, hard look at the XMPP roadmap to figure out what I really need to work on next. In the last two weeks that has meant lots of updates to the Jingle specs, a new version of rfc3920bis (with a new version of rfc3921bis to be released on Monday), even (with help from Dirk Meyer and Justin Karneges) a solid proposal for a TLS-based approach to end-to-end encryption for Jabber that we're calling XTLS. Next week I think I'll start cranking out some of those mobile optimizations we talked about at the XMPP Summit in late February...

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