Got Examples?


I try to put a lot of examples in the protocol specs I write (as I like to say, "we put the example in"). So when Jeff Williams of Gadgetworks recently noted on the discussion list that a number of the examples in the Jingle specs are not valid in accordance with the XML schemas (or even well-formed), I was chagrined but also intrigued. Off-list, Jeff and I have worked a bit on the Jingle examples and schemas, but he's found it painful to manually extract all the examples from the specs for testing purposes. So late this afternoon I wrote a small XSLT to automatically extract all the examples from a XEP (wrapped by a <stream></stream> element) and write them to a file. I've run the transformation on all the XMPP extensions we've published so far, and the results are available at <>. I'm sure there are many errors to be found (e.g., I know some examples don't parse because they include things like "[...]" in place of elided markup), but we'll work to clean those up over time. Feel free to report any errors to me directly, or on the appropriate discussion list. Have fun!

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