The System


Lester Hunt makes a wise observation:

Today, it is the system itself that sets people against each other. When we participate in any political process nowadays, we always face opponents who to seek to impose some coercive policy or other on us. They may want to spread American-style democracy by deadly means around the world, in your name and at your expense. They may want to provide free health care for all, a policy that is not by any means free. They may want the police to scare you out of your dependence on a variety of substances, from heroin to trans-fats and beyond. The policies I have in mind vary widely, but they all have one thing in common. In every case someone seeks to to achieve some goal that is their and not yours -- whether that goal is to line their own pockets or achieve their personal vision of the good society -- at your expense. There is no way to see this as a positive-sum situation. One man's gain is another's loss. If they win, it is because you lose, and vice versa.

Nail, meet hammer.

Heck, I even wrote a song about it once.

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