Deep or Wide?


At my favorite library the other day I picked up Julie Rose's recent translation of Les Misérables. As previously mentioned, to date I have read only the translation by Norman Denny, but I can envision over time reading most or all of the English translations -- in part because translators can't be trusted (I know, because I'm a translator myself) but mostly because I like to explore in depth the works of art that I love: I own seven recordings of Bach's Cello Suites, when at the Frick Collection in New York I find myself absorbed by Van Dyck's portrait of Frans Snyder, I don't read a lot of novels but I've plowed through Les Misérables and The Fountainhead and a few others numerous times, et cetera. Somewhere in Daybreak or Human, All Too Human or La Gaya Scienza, Nietzsche talks about the propensity of certain personality types to dive into the depths rather than to float widely on the surface of things, and I think I fall into the deep-diving category. Whether that's always healthy or good, I'm not sure...

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