A month ago, I mentioned that I wanted to simplify my website. Over the holidays I did just that, and radically so.

I've ditched WordPress and re-instituted plain old HTML for my weblog. By popular demand, I do have a syndication feed but it's limited to three entries at a time, as is the journal homepage. While I was at it, I moved my writings and music to from dedicated subdomains ( and And I've also made the entire site much friendlier to read on mobile devices, which I hadn't tested until I got an iPhone last month. This approach will make it much easier for me to maintain the site (yes, it's all about me) and, I hope, more pleasant to read.

Feedback is welcome, but when I got rid of WordPress I also got rid of comments so you'll need to contact me via email or IM or somesuch. (And yes, I know that old URLs are broken; I'll be creating redirects soon.)

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