Aristotle Research Report #17: Let the Re-Reading Begin

by Peter Saint-Andre


Just under two years ago, I thought I was done with phase one of my research into Aristotle's views on human flourishing, having at that point read around 120 distinct works by or related to Aristotle (including all of Plato's dialogues). Well, I was wrong: since then I've read an additional 150 works, almost exclusively in the scholarly literature on Aristotle. Now I have three whole shelves of books about Aristotle in my office.

At this point I'm finally ready to begin the process of re-reading - or, to be precise, going over the many passages that I've marked up in these works, organizing the material along topical lines, identifying key themes, and coming to conclusions about the nature and value of Aristotle's insights. But first I think I'll take a break for a few months!


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