An Aristotelian Glossary

by Peter Saint-Andre


Of late I've been working on the first serious contribution to my forthcoming book about Aristotle's conception of human fulfillment: a glossary of key terms. Those curious enough to peruse it will quickly discover that some of my renderings are rather non-standard. In my defense, usually these translations are rooted in ancient Greek etymology and usage or modern academic scholarship (e.g., both Aryeh Kosman and Myles Burnyeat recommended "understanding" instead of "knowledge" for epistēmē, as noted in my recent post "Understanding What You Know"); however, in a few instances I go farther out on a limb (e.g., "thriving" instead of "virtue" for aretē and, most centrally of all, "fulfillment" instead of "happiness" for eudaimonia). Although all of these renderings are subject to change, I'm quite satisfied with them so far (having pondered them for years) and in fact they provide a good indication of the interpretive direction I'm taking.


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