The Tao of Roark


I'm thinking of writing a book entitled >The Tao of Roark, on the model (perhaps? -- I've never read it) of The Tao of Pooh. This would be an investigation of Rand's ethical philosophy (or my humanistic interpretation thereof) from the perspective of The Fountainhead. I also want to write a book entitled A Philosophy for Living on Earth: Ayn Rand and the Pursuit of Happiness, but I think that The Tao of Roark could be a good warm-up for that book and also be more accessible to a general audience (esp. since The Fountainhead is Rand's most popular novel, I believe). Also The Fountainhead deals with important issues but on a personal level, unlike Atlas Shrugged. And I think it is the better novel of the two.

Writing this book would also enable me to address some disagreements I have with Rand -- not with Rand's philosophy so much as with her sense of life -- for example in the sexual psychology of her characters (including the infamous "rape scene").

Other issues I'd like to address include:

Of course there is a great deal of positive material and I'd get to bring out Roark's spontaneity/serenity (not tension) and such, which tend to get glossed over because of the overall tension of Rand's writing. And of course there is all the positive moral content about integrity, individualism, passion, etc. -- as well as glimmers of what I take to be the true moral theory of Objectivism in regard to cardinal values and essential human powers (thought, choice, action, feeling) -- see Roark's speech.

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