LP Redux


Back in May I blogged about some pseudo-libertarian loony named Rick Stanley, who at the time was seeking to represent the Colorado LP in this year's U.S. Senate race. In response to my email messages (I'm registered Libertarian and therefore considered a member of the party), local LP officials invited me to attend the party's convention and vote against him if I didn't support him. Considering that at the time Stanley had asserted the decidedly non-libertarian position that sitting politicians (whom he assumed were guilty until proved innocent) deserve capital punishment, I found their response intolerably mild. Well, it turns out Stanley received the LP's endorsement, and since the convention has been spouting ever more venomous opinions that are clearly at odds with the LP's principle of non-initiation of force. Now, as Ari Armstrong reports at the Colorado Freedom Report, the LP Board will soon hold a hearing to remove or retain Stanley as its candidate in this year's elections. This kind of internecine conflict is one reason I stand by my opinion: the LP is feckless. I just hope I won't have to add spineless to the list of descriptive adjectives.

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