Starting The Tao of Roark


This evening I started writing The Tao of Roark. I took a walk today and in between singing to myself and just plain enjoying the warm air and sunshine, I thought a bit about this book. I want to capture the poetry of Rand's thought, its humanistic possibilities, the sacred fire of individuality and creativity that it celebrates. I want to reveal what is deeply good about Rand's vision -- and what is incorrigibly bad -- and what has been distorted and misunderstood by friend and foe alike. I want to focus on the positive without in the least shrinking from the negative. I want to do justice to "joy and reason and meaning" and everything that is wrapped up in the phrase "a philosophy for living on earth". I want to learn what I think of Rand and share that hard-won understanding with others. I want to write something that will inspire, enlighten, and endure.

I think I can do it. But it's going to be hard work.

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