Recently I received a friendly note from Padraig O'Connor, composer of a wonderful piece for small orchestra entitled "Introspect" (which I mention on my music recommendations page). His message spurred me to break out some of my older recordings of 20th century music from the British Isles, in particular some fine Gerald Finzi such as the Eclogue and both the Prelude and the Romance for string orchestra. Truly, I think Introspect compares quite favorably with the Finzi (I'm more fond of "Introspect" myself). I can still visualize the stretch of road on which I first heard the piece -- Route 523 in scenic Sergeantsville, New Jersey ... it must have been the college radio station of Princeton University that played it. Mr. O'Connor reports that he has written a fair amount of other music, such as a "Reverie" for double bass and wind orchestra (scored for double bass and piano in a performance several years ago in New York City). As you can imagine, that piece in particular piqued my interest since I'm aiming to record some works for electric bass myself. It's a shame that composers of O'Connor's calibre and sensitivity are not more widely known (the recording on which I found "Introspect" is long out of print).

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