At the Feet of Dionysus

by Peter Saint-Andre

I am the last disciple of
   This hidden, tempter god,
Whose unknown teachings rise above
   The common road men plod

In drunk processions in his name.
   He coaxes me to turn
Within, away from petty fame;
   To fire a slower burn

That grasps with lesser greed;
   To still and silent lie,
So that my only, deepest need
   Is mirroring the sky;

To question and to hesitate
   Before I think or act.
Beneath his sway I liberate
   My will and keep intact

My unnamed hopes and energy —
   I'm richer, not in things,
But in spirituality
   That new and newer sings.

This unknown god delivers me
   From care and pain and fear;
His intercession helps me see
   His influence so near

That I can feel it lodge within
   My soul — feel it inspire
A quickening of life begin
   To drive me ever higher.

(cf. Beyond Good and Evil, ยง295)

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