Two Mountains


For many years now I have been somewhat active in both philosophy and music. In philosophy I've written a dictionary of philosophy and a book of essays on Ayn Rand, plus I've started to translate the extant ethical writings of Epicurus and I'm about one-third done with writing a book entitled The Tao of Roark. In music I've written a number of songs in styles influenced by folk, rock, jazz, and blues, I've composed three suites and a set of variations for solo guitar in a style influenced by classical and "new age" idioms, I've set Langston Hughes's poem Freedom's Plow to voice and guitar (resulting in a piece that's almost 30 minutes long), and I've been working on transcriptions for solo bass of some songs by the progressive rock band Yes. This has all been rewarding, but I feel like I've been merely tramping around in the foothills. Lately I've conceived a desire to climb two higher mountains: translate Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics into English and learn to play Bach's cello suites on the bass. It's always good to have something to aim for...

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