Catching Up


My two-year term on the IESG (which ended in the last week of March) was close to all-consuming. I did squeeze in a bit of writing and translating here and there, mostly on airplane flights, but otherwise my days and nights were full of IETF work. It's only now, two months later, that I'm finally catching up on long-overdue tasks and returning to some semblance of normality. A few days ago I got my email messages back to "Inbox Zero". It feels great, so I intend to stay there. Over the past few days I've been processing requests for XMPP servers to be added to the list at, and I'll try to clear out that backlog by the end of this week. I have many XMPP-related projects to attend to, such as new hardware for the IM service, significant automation of, updates to various XMPP extensions, and revisions to the XMPP address format (which has necessitated my taking the lead on a new internationalization framework for application protocols).

I also have many personal projects underway: finalizing and e-publishing The Tao of Roark (perhaps even publishing it on paper), writing a book about Epicurus on happiness, recording my solo bass interpretations of Yes songs and music for solo guitar and other compositions, publishing additional public-domain works at the Monadnock Press, becoming more active politically and thus doing what I can to help America become a more free country, and much else besides.

So the days are still packed, but in a more varied way. Since I tend to enjoy moving a number of projects forward in parallel rather than focusing on one at a time, this newfound (or re-found) diversity of activities suits me well. I'll be blogging about all of these initiatives more in the coming weeks and months.

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