OK, so I went ego surfing. Not much else to do when you're overtired and have had a bit too much wine with dinner. In addition to the usual plethora of Jabber links, I found some fine sites like Swannie's Blog (it's good to know that someone other than me and David Sutton is interested in JEP-0045) and Khava (who claims that I'm "practically an Objectivist legend"). It's a bit weird sometimes to straddle the two worlds of Jabber software and Randian scholarship -- some people know me from one or the other, but very few (probably only Ted O'Connor) know me from both. Then there are those who know me from worlds in which I'm even less active, such as poetry and music. Speaking of music, right now I'm listening to the piano pieces that Jeffrey Lindon wrote based on seven of my Urban Haiku. I continue to enjoy them a lot (you can download several of them at Jeffrey's page). One of these years I'll record some of the music I've written -- my solo guitar works will come first, after which I'll do my songs. I promise, I really do!

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