Aristotle Research Report #18: Summaries

by Peter Saint-Andre


It's been almost two years since I last reported on progress with my forthcoming book about Aristotle's conception of human fulfillment, so here's a brief update. As mentioned last time, I'm working my way back through the key books and scholarly papers I've read so far. This involves reviewing thousands of dog-eared pages and marked-up passages to identify the most important points. Here's a photo that gives a sense of what that looks like (this shows pages 124 and 125 of Matthew D. Walker's excellent book Aristotle on the Uses of Contemplation)...

Once I've completed that mark-up process, I've been typing a summary of each work into files on my computer, one for each book or paper (e.g., one for Walker's book). Doing so will give me a "database" of key passages and my comments thereon, which I can search through as I reflect further on particular topics such as flourishing, character, and practical wisdom.

As a scholar friend of mine said to me recently when I explained my methodology: "The amount of research you have done for your book is very, very impressive. It's MASSIVE!"

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