Seventeen Years in the Making


Today I took the final steps toward publishing The Tao of Roark as an ebook and print-on-demand title, seventeen years to the day after I first posted a germ of the idea (although I didn't start composing it in earnest until 2008). Much as I like my Letters on Happiness, The Tao of Roark is the best thing I've written to date and it holds great personal meaning for me -- not least because it was the last rung on the ladder of my intellectual encounter with Ayn Rand.

Now that I've discovered for myself just how easy it is to publish these days (I used Amazon's CreateSpace service and found a wonderful cover image licensed under Creative Commons by a very helpful architecture student from Bulgaria who also happens to be a fan of The Fountainhead!), I expect that the floodgates have opened. So plan on seeing my other books in print soon: The Ism Book, Randian Reflections, Ancient Fire, and the aforementioned Letters on Epicurus. I'm not expecting to make any money off these publications and I have priced them accordingly (barely above Amazon's minimum prices), but it makes me happy that people will be able to add these books to their personal libraries if they so please.

It might take a few days for the book to appear on Amazon, but I will update this post when it's available. Naturally, it will always be online for free at, too!

UPDATE 2013-05-25: The Kindle edition is now available at <>.

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