I'm Peter Saint-Andre, a.k.a. stpeter.

I'm a technologist, having worked on Internet infrastructure and applications since 1996, with a focus on open standards and open-source software for communications and security. These days I work on the Firefox team at Mozilla.

I'm a philosopher, having written Songs of Zarathustra, The Upland Farm, Letters on Happiness, The Tao of Roark, Randian Reflections, Ancient Fire, and The Ism Book. Currently I'm focused on writing an epitome of Aristotle's ethics and defining a dialectical method for philosophical coaching.

I'm a musician, having composed a folk-rock song cycle, three suites and a set of variations for classical guitar, a musical setting of Freedom's Plow by Langston Hughes, and arrangements of music by Yes for solo bass guitar. I'm also learning the Bach Cello Suites on electric bass.

My online journal is updated regularly and my old homepage is here. Everything I work on is placed into the public domain and available under source control. I also republish judiciously selected public domain texts at the Monadnock Valley Press. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to have a conversation.